Discover the Child

Discover the Child
"There is a tiny light in the unconscious of mankind which guides it toward better things." "We must follow the child, but we must follow the child as his leader." -Maria Montessori

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

The start of school can be an exciting and challenging time. When transitioning to school or back to school don't forget the 3 R's of toddlerhood:

Routine- Novelty is stress. However, school is exactly the kind of novelty that we want to provide, because it is full of experiences that will help your child grow and develop. While adjusting to new experiences, routine helps provide comfort and consistency.

Ritual- Create a goodbye ritual with your child that helps him express the emotions of saying goodbye. Even when a child is completely comfortable at school, the separation can be difficult. Stick to the same ritual every day. If possible, include your child in creating your morning ritual. Just remember to keep it short and sweet! Make sure to convey that you are confident and excited knowing your child will have a great day at school. Your own emotions give your child cues about how to feel in new situations.

Rest- Ofcourse, nutrition and sleep are of paramount importance for a toddler to be ready to explore and experience her world. Make sure she also has respite from too much stimulation. When your child watches television, it may look like downtime, but it is actually a very overstimulating experience that involves an almost constant shift in attention. Some face time at home with family and plentry of sleep is the perfect way to process all of the exciting events of the day.