Discover the Child

Discover the Child
"There is a tiny light in the unconscious of mankind which guides it toward better things." "We must follow the child, but we must follow the child as his leader." -Maria Montessori

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peanut Butter Massage

You can feel it when it happens. Your toddler is at the breaking point. Her actions are chaotic or emotions are out of control. Maybe your child is balking at anything new or feeling rigid and anxious. We've found one of the best way to calm your child and help him connect with you is a peanut butter and jelly massage.

  1. Your child lies on his stomach. A firm surface is best.  
  2. Ask, "Do you want strawberry or raspberry jelly?"
  3. Recite this poem while rubbing with slow, downward, and FIRM pressure
Crunchy Peanut Butter, spread it on
This is how a sandwich is done
Salty peanut butter, oh so yummy
Making a sandwich for Johnny's tummy
Strawberry Jelly, tasty and sticky
Making a sandwich that's finger licky
Strawberry Jelly red and sweet
Making a sandwich for Johnny to eat

Pumpernickel bread, press it on
This is how a sandwich is done.
Pumpernickel bread is so delicious
Eat our sandwich and clean our dishes!