Discover the Child

Discover the Child
"There is a tiny light in the unconscious of mankind which guides it toward better things." "We must follow the child, but we must follow the child as his leader." -Maria Montessori

Friday, March 29, 2013

Priceless Moments

Dozens of times a day I help young children into the car during dismissal at our Montessori school. Sometimes parents are hurrying to finish up a phone call or wrap up a text message when the car door opens. A parent who is feeling nervous about struggles her child is having at school may ask, "How was your day? Were you good today? What work did you choose?" A young child is almost never equipped to answer all of these questions. A child hardly ever thinks to evaluate the entirety of his day. He is living in the moment and right at that moment he is just waiting to be received.

I didn't think much about this daily ritual until I witnessed a father and his three year old little girl lovingly greet each other one day. As I helped her buckle up, Dad turns and looks straight at his daughter with melting warmth and a smile in his eyes and says, "I am so happy to see you." She smiled right back at him and said, "I sliced apples for snack today!" It was a beautiful gift from father to child of complete acceptance. The father had the patience to honor this priceless moment. We don't have many opportunities in a day to receive our children, and it's worth creating space to show your child no matter what happened that day, she is the most important person in the world in that moment. Maybe, if we just listen she will choose to share what is important to her.

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