Discover the Child

Discover the Child
"There is a tiny light in the unconscious of mankind which guides it toward better things." "We must follow the child, but we must follow the child as his leader." -Maria Montessori

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Montessori Garden

A Montessori Garden
If every child were a garden, and Montessori was her gardener,
Montessori would gift the seeds of the garden to a mother
And when these tiny seeds emerge she would tell the mother,
Keep the seeds close, handle with care and filter the harsh light
So the stems grow straight and strong towards the light,
Not twisted in search of the light they need,
Nor shriveled from too much light, too soon.

And when these neophytes have grown, they are ready to leave the seedbed
So she constructs a beautiful glass greenhouse with space for this child garden
There are other nascent gardens in this greenhouse,
Each beautiful and unique
There is space just enough for the gardens to grow with a glass ceiling to filter the light;
These gardens aren’t yet ready to be out in the world
And the greenhouse is beautiful, as not to detract from the beauty of the gardens.

In each garden there are plants of many kinds, and there are weeds
Each plant has a growing season and the gardener watches closely,
She knows the need of every plant and when it is going to bloom
Just before the blossom appears, the gardener knows the roses will need special care
She knows how to tend to the wisteria, the orchid and the fern
Each part of the growing garden needs to be nurtured, and she knows
If one plant is neglected, vines will overrun the garden, and its harmony is destroyed
She never alters the plants in the garden, or tries to change what is there
She knows each garden will be beautiful just as it is
But for now, it needs care

What of the weeds? The gardener doesn’t spend her time looking for the weeds,
She gives them no attention, no nourishment, no water
She gives all of herself to the plants and the flowers
She nurtures the roots and the soil; she knows every leaf on every plant
in every garden

When the garden is mature, it is has a beauty all its own
There is a perfect place in the world for each garden
It is ready to leave the greenhouse and be a gift to the larger world.

By Angie Ma

An aspiring gardener

With gratitude for the gardeners in my life, Judi Orion and Dominique Mouthon who have offered inspiration, wisdom and guidance on my own Montessori path and to Dr. Annette Haines who is guiding me on a new Montessori journey.